I gathered up enough courage to enter an outdoor weekend art show to see if I could sell my art. The first painting I sold was the Waco Suspension Bridge. The rest of the weekend was very successful. To my surprise, I came close to selling all of the paintings I had taken to the show. I was pumped!! That day on the Banks of the Brazos River, was the beginning of my professional art career.

The Bridge, in downtown Waco, is one of my architectural / engineering favorites. John Roebling built the bridge in 1870 as a toll bridge crossing the Brazos River on the old Chisholm Trail. The 475 foot span bridge was his model for a later historic bridge he built in New York….the famous Brooklyn Bridge.

The Bridge, by all accounts, helped to transform Waco from a small frontier town to a major commercial center.  Today, the Bridge, open to foot traffic only, is on the National Register of Historic Places. Waco continues to have many celebrations with the Bridge as the center of attention.


The litho prints of my original painting were featured in the rooms of the Waco Hilton when it opened in early 1980. The Hilton is across the street from the Bridge. I continue to market my Waco Suspension Bridge prints as part of my “Bridge To Understanding Series”.  I think you can understand why the “Waco Suspension Bridge” has played a major role in my art career. Please enjoy my website.  If you are interested in the art pieces, or have any questions, please contact me.

Thank You, Don Dillard